Was the Louisiana Governor correct when he said that the damage to his states waterfront was exaggerated by the media?



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    It appears that the BP oil spill, while incredibly destructive, may not have been much more destructive than your typical oil spill. Apparently only 1% of the amount of birds killed by the Exxon Valdez have been found dead in the Gulf, and while 350 acres of Louisiana marshes have been covered in oil, that doesn’t compare to the 15,000 acres of marshland Louisiana loses per year anyways, due to development (including development related to offshore drilling, amusingly enough). While only time will tell the full effects of the oil spill (and there is definite slow degredation going on  all around the Gulf), this may not be the worst ecological catastrophe ever.

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    The waterfront has escaped the full fury of the BP spill. Instead, it lurks underwater, in the form of a smothering layer of oil and particulate, rich only for anaerobic bacteria. No oxygen, no shrimp, no corals, no fish. A dead zone, Yea, dead to all who breath oxygen by gill or breathing spout or mouth.

    Who know what anaerobic lifeforms will flourish in the dead zones? Who knows?

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