Was it syrup of ipecac?

re: article about your dog
“the local guy who drove for me and he brought over a liquid that he added to milk” Just wondering if like homeopathic medicine, your wonderful dog’s body was jolted by the substance (even introduced in the digestive tract rather than blood stream) to realize ‘address this poison and reject it from your body.’ I.E. heal thyself. Thank you for sharing the experience. LOVE



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    Syrup of Ipecac or Ipecac Syrup or just plain Ipecac is created from the dried rootstalks and roots of the ipecacuanha plant. Ipecac root itself is a poison, but in this diluted form, its ability to induce immediate vomiting means that the syrup is seldom fatal.  The commercial preparation of ipecac usually consists of 1/14 of an alcoholic extract of the roots and rhizomes of ipecac root. The rest is composed of glycerin, sugar syrup, and methylparaben.

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