Was it the Bruntland Commission that first came up with the concept of sustainable development? What are they doing now?



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    The Brundtland Commission, officially the World Commission on Environment and Development, was created by the United Nations in 1983 to study global issues of sustainability, and issued its famous report “Our Common Future” four years later to great acclaim in the world community. The commission was named for Gro Harlem Brundtland, a doctor, environmentla activist and three-time Prime Minister of Norway. The Brundtland Commission did not invent the concept of sustainable development, which you can argue has been around for millennia, since prehistoric communities have lived in harmony with the land and resources. However it is true that the Brundtland Commission first directed world attention to issues of sustainable development and the importance of it, which was arguably the beginning of an international environmental consciousness that eventually led to global recognition of the problems of climate change. The Commission went out of existence after issuing their report in 1987 so they’re not doing anything now. Ms. Brundtland herself, after serving as Director-General of the World Health Organization, now serves on the Council of Women World Leaders and does consulting work for the Pepsi-Cola Corporation.

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