Was the Industrial Revolution more harmful than helpful?



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    The verdict is still out on this one. The industrial revolution brought about new marvels of science and technology and improved the human condition for most (or at the very least, for some; for others it’s been devastated because of lingering effects). We will see in time if we will be able to curb our carbon emissions and get back to a way of living where we are not destroying the earth — quite possibly with technology, human ingenuity and heart, we will be able to develop a merging of technologies so we can still have our urban centers and travel and commerce, but not at the expense of the earth’s stability and ecological balance. It is truly up to humans alive and thinking now, “Shall we preserve this thing we call life for others? Or shall we just enjoy it for ourselves now while we’ve still got it?” I am in favor of the middle way, moderation, and I think we will be able to pull through and save ourselves from our own self-annihilation and destruction. I love John Lennon’s quote: “But when you talk about destruction/ don’t you know that you can count me out! You know it’s gunna be — alright!”

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    The answer to this question is very subjective and depends on a person viewpoint of what harmful and what is helpful.  The industrial revolution made great strides in advancing the human race and made their lives easier and more enriching through technology and advancement.  However there are people who argue that there was not enough attention paid to the harmful side effects of this revolution and people went too far too fast.  There are obvious side effects of this revolution that are most evident in the enviroment such as pollution and deforestation.  There will always be pros and cons in any revolution whether it was the industrial revolution at the turn of the 20th century or the ongoing technological revolution.  We as a society need to play a major role in balancing advancement and its side effect through education and involvement.

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    I think it was more harmful than helpful for humans.  It took us away from the land and from understanding how to do our own work.  Furthermore, it deadened our brains with by introducing mindless work without reward to lower-class citizens.

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