Was cyclone yasi in Australia caused by climate change?



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    From a scientific standpoint it is impossible to attribute a single weather event to as broad a concept as climate change.  It would just be bad science.  However, one of the predicted effects of climate change is the increase in the number and intensity of severe weather incidents, and Yasi could easily be seen as an indication that these predictions may be coming true.  In support of this claim, scientists point to the fact that warmer waters tend to create bigger storms, and water temperatures around Australia had been steadily increasing for several years and reached a peak in 2010.  Given this evidence, it is possible that Yasi was the result of warmer waters, which were themselves the result of climate change; however, until we have more evidence to support these assumptions (such as an ongoing trend of an increase in the number and strength of storms), environmentalists must concede that it is possible that Yasi was nothing more than an unusually large storm.

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