Was Costa Rica the first to do Eco tourism?



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    It would appear that Costa Rica was not the first to do ecotourism, but probably one of the most famous places for it. Ecotourism as it is known today started in the 1980’s. However, some say that ecotourism started much earlier on: with the age of exploration. This was a time when people set out to explore the world to get a better understanding of the plants, animals, and terrain of wilder areas. The Victorian era was a big time for this as well, particularly with people setting forth in Africa on safaris. The Victorian’s weren’t true ecotourists though because they exploited the land for hunting and economic reasons.

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    Costa Rica was among the first nations to stake their reputation and a key part of their economies on ecotourism. It developed one of the world’s first “eco” Certificate of Sustainable Tourism, the CST, for tourist operations in 1993.

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