Was composting popular in the 60’s with the hippie movement?



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    I think it is safe to assume that composting was popular during the sixties. Composting has been around since at least the tenth century. I believe this is a great way to get rid of waste and to make your soil much more fertile to grow food in. Composting is most definitely not a new invention and I feel that it will be around for a while to come.

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    Yes. It was the HEY-DAY of the hippies! They were all about Eastern philosophy which included ideas around nature preservation, vegetarian diets, and mindful living. Recycling the land, so to speak, was an admirable practice and alternative thinkers, not only gave it some thought, but put it into practice. And given that “there is evidence that Romans, Greeks and the Tribes of Israel knew about compost”, and the fact that we are still composting today, I don’t imagine the practice has skipped much of a beat, nevermind the beatnick beat!

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