Was Bush Sr. greener than Jr?



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    Bush Sr. was way greener than Bush Jr.

    Bush Sr. passed the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. He worked with the UN on environmental issues and appointed O’reilly to the head of the EPA, who was a friend of environmentalists. Bush Sr. came into office after Reagan, who was so against the environment that he created a backlash that Bush Sr. was well aware of. Bush Sr. had to pander to environmentalists a little to retain his popularity.

    Bush Jr. on the other hand tried to open up pristine land for oil exploration (ANWR), he did not believe in Global Warming, unlike his father. Bush Jr. appointed a leader to the EPA that fought every effort to protect the environment, including refusing to regulate green house gasses as pollutants until ordered to do so by the Supreme Court. Bush Jr. did protect some marine area at the very end of his term, marine area that was of no use to oil and gas companies.

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