was BP greenwashing before the gulf oil spill happened?



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    BP, like most companies dealing with sensitive environmental issues such as oil in this case, engage in ‘greenwashing’ in the hopes of gaining a better image for the public. Greenwashing is a broad term and can apply to many different things a company is doing to better their environmental image without actually doing so. BP has been involved in this prior to the oil spill in the Gulf. Simple things like BP’s green and yellow logo are aimed to draw their image away from what they really do. Also, British Petroleum has self designated their BP acronym to ‘Beyond Petroleum.’ If ‘Beyond Petroleum’ was as true as it sounds, we would have not had this oil spill. BP has indeed invested in green technologies, but the irony is that oil and gas companies are usually the biggest investors in green technologies. 

    There is a great article to put more perspective on the subject below.

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    I believe that BP’s push for “clean coal” was greenwashing and resulted in funds being poured into another technology reliant on fossil fuels rather than working towards sustainable energy.

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