Was the air a lot cleaner when we had more of our rainforests?



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    The rainforests definitely do help clean the air; they take up carbon dioxide and turn that into clean air. Also, since they do take out carbon dioxide, that helps fight the huge impact of the greenhouse effect. With less of a greenhouse effect occurring, more of the pollution can escape the troposphere (the lowest level of the atmosphere). So yes, more rainforests equals cleaner air.

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    Trees in the rainforest help to filter air and provide oxygen.  The more trees that are cut down, the less carbon dioxide they can process to make oxygen.  Also consider when we started to cut down enormous amounts of forests.  It was when population boomed, spiking the demand for tree products.  Population increase means more pollution and more trees being cut down.  Taking away the oxygen providing trees and adding more pollution means dirtier air.

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