Is wallpaper bad for the environment?



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    Wallpaper paste is toxic and is bad for your home and the environment.  It has potentially carcinogenic materials that you would be exposing yourself to every day.  The links below are great ideas for do it yourself wallpaper and safe homemade wallpaper paste.  Hope this helps!

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    You can buy bamboo or grass cloth wallpaper that would be less harmful to the environment, and there are companies that provide eco-friendly wallpaper options like Walnut Wallpaper.

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    It is generally better to choose to paint a room instead of wallpaper it because it minimizes paper waste, and (as stated above) wallpaper paste is most often toxic. When painting, it’s best to choose a paint that is low or non-VOC, meaning free of chemicals that would make air worse to breathe. 

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    Wallpaper are not bad for environment but solutions used to paste wallpapers contains material which cause harm to our sorroundings.Toxic elements present causes some health related issues also.

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