Is Wall-E a good environmental movie for my kids?



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    Yes I think so. It is a very kid friendly movie and has a very clear message. All of the humans have destroyed the earth and have become our worst nightmare of fat slobs. And then when they discover the plant it is like a ray of hope into a future of a green environment again. Great stewardship message.

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    Absolutely. The animation is amazing and the low amount of dialogue allows children to reflect and focus on the actions given they aren’t too young. If your children are below the ages of 5 they may get a little ansy and will need some help with understanding the plot.

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    I think that it is. It can show your children through friendly and funny animated characters what can happen to our world if we don’t take care of it. I think it definitely focuses on the effects that not recycling has on our environment.

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    It’s a great movie that shows the devastation that humans can cause if we don’t change our ways.  It is a great way to get kids involved in the environment at an early age.  I would also suggest “Happy Feet” to show your children how important it is to think of the world as a whole.

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    Wall-E is a great animation that entertains children of all ages, while also teaching them (unconsciously) about the consequences of an unsustainable environment and complete depletion of natural resources. The realistic graphics of the endless brown mountains of garbage and empty, remote urban spaces are unforgettable imagery. The movie’s future depiction of humans’ reliance on technology and technology’s continuous control over all aspects of our lives, including eating habits, entertainment, and social relationships, also brings awareness about the negative effects of technology.

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    I thought Wall-E was both an excellent environmental film, and, oddly, a strong advert for an active lifestyle. I agree with the poster that said the long, dialogue-free intervals may present a challenge for younger children. This could be easily mitigated with a little parental narrating. If your children are older, after the film is finished you could have a talk with your children, discussing what they learned from the film. Overall I definitely recommend it.

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