Is Wal-Mart actually a green company or a severe case of green washing?



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    I would argue green washing.  Wal-Mart may have certain corporate environmental policies and a body of governance to enforce them, however, the whole mantra of the company is based around increased and unnecessary consumption.  They also rarely source locally for their products which increases the carbon footprint of the products sold at their store dramatically.  

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    Wal-mart’s business model fundamentally prevents it from ever being considered a ‘green’ company – even efforts on a massive scale are equivalent to an umbrella in a tsunami.  Compared to other retailers, Wal-mart stores use much more energy.  Wal-mart parking lots, often three times the size of the massive stores themselves, contribute directly to water pollution via non-point source water pollution.  They abandon older stores, leaving huge areas of wasted space.  Even their low prices encourage everyday consumers to drive longer distances, in a futile attempt to save money on groceries while spending more on gas.  Check out the link below for a full breakdown on how NOT green Wal-mart is.

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