Is vintage clothing always an eco friendly option?



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    Vintage clothes are always a more eco-friendly option than buying new clothes. They have already been made so there is zero additional resource input to making them yours. New clothes from eco-friendly materials are also better than traditional clothes but still require input. So vintage/second hand clothes are always a good option.

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    If you are going to a local store or cleaning out your parent’s closet or attic then it is very green.  However, if it is a vintage clothing item from Italy or France that you are ordering online and shipping to your house, then that is not very eco friendly.  As laram said, not having to manufacture new items is always better if you can use the ones that already exist.  

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    Consideration should also be used into the idea of what you’re promoting.  Even if buying vintage, every dollar you spend is a vote you make.  What if you purchase a fur coat?  You would then be broadcasting that you support fur for fashion (which can sometimes be considered UN-eco-friendly) and then you might influence other people to purchase them.  This example is a little extreme, and definitely less common, but still something to consider.

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