As a vegan, I cannot join the Peace Corps. Are there other service programs that have more lenient dietary restrictions?



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    The reason you can’t be vegan in the Peace Corps is because there is a good chance that the village or area to which you are deployed will not have any vegan dietary option short of malnutrition.  If in that situation you would be willing to give up your vegan fervency in favor of perpetuation, maybe you should just apply to the Peace Corps, which is probably your first choice service program if you’re asking this question.

    If potentially giving up the vegan life for a year or two is not an option, Americorps does not have dietary restrictions (although rumor has it you are forbidden to be politically active during an Americorps term).  You can also design and register your own volunteer program at  With those options, you’d be remaining in the country.

    If going abroad is your main goal, as opposed to working for Uncle Sam, you can find hundreds of volunteer opportunities at, although I would not recommend that since there is usually hefty quad-digit middleman fee that you could sidle around if you spoke directly to the organization, school, or project that needed volunteers.

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    You can find additional opportunities through This website allows you to find out about volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and around the world and you can then contact the organization/project directly to avoid the middleman fees that whitefish mentioned, which is really not the best use of your money.

    However, it is likely that you will run into similar dietary issues if you are volunteering abroad, as animal products are likely going to be a part of people’s diets wherever you go. Yet in my experience, which has primarily been in South and Central America so I cannot speak for other culture and practices, rural people do not consume many animal products as they are expensive and are only served on special occassions. Eggs are prevelant, as is lard, and some dairy, but large servings of meat are rare–though it really depends on the situation you find yourself in. Its really a matter of how flexible are you willing to be, and how much you want to fend for yourself when it comes to preparing food.

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