What is the most harmful technique of fishing to the environment?



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    The most harmful technique of fishing to the environment is simply overfishing. Overfishing is depleting the supply of fish in our oceans, which causes larger predatory animals to become extinct from lack of food. Overfishing has diminished ecosystems and is creating an unbalance in our oceans.

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    Agreed, overfishing is absolutely detrimental to our environment in both the short term and the long term–same with just irresponsible fishing, in general. Additionally, this article argues that another destructive fishing technique is that which uses lay gill nets. This particular technique is one that employees the use of long mesh netting suspended over a stretch of water, anchored on the ends to keep the weight down.

    While this can still be done responsibly, gill nets being left for long periods of time is a huge problem. What happens is that many sea animals can get caught in the net and subsequently die. Many species of which were not the intended target. Additionally, gill nets have been shown to cause damage to reefs–bringing with it even more harm.

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