is using wall paper safe?



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    Some wallpaper is safe, traditional vinyl wallpaper is not. Read the first article below, which mentions VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and pre-paste wallpaper vapors. The article also mentions a DYI green wallpaper recipe. Hmmm. 

    But paints often have VOCs, too, so pick your wall covering carefully.

    But while you’re at it, if you just want to spruce up a room a little, consider the second reference to wall decals. Some are at least good enough for a kids’ room, and I might be talked into the adult or business-oriented ones. Looks like a nice site to browse, and I assume those decals are pretty quick to install!

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    I would soceond the suggestion on trying wall decals. My wife has really gotten into them and loved them. One of the reasons she choose them is because they are safer. She also likes how creative and unique they can be. She likes to shop here:

    Hope that helps!

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