Is using disposable plates a good way to conserve water?



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    No! While you do use water washing dishes, this is minimal compared to the energy used in wasting paper, plastic or (worst of all) styrofoam plates. To save water when washing dishes, don’t let the water run while you scrub, and water your plants with whatever is leftover.

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    It can be but saving in one aspect can cause more problems on another. If you choose to use those low quality paper plates without the wax lining you may end up doing more damage to the environment. Most people think that anything paper is recyclable but the problem is when oil stains these paper plates it makes it very hard to recycle, just like what happens with pizza boxes. If you do choose to use disposable plates just make sure to pick a good kind like the ones available here:

    Oh and don’t forget to use the wax lining when necessary and be responsible for getting rid of the trash – segregate. And only use disposable plates when really necessary. Washing dishes doesn’t waste much water for as long as you switch off the faucet while soaping and do the dishes by volume.

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