Is USC a green campus?



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    One visit to the University’s website will leave no question in your mind that the school is dedicated to institutionalizing sustainability.

    USC recycled almost 4,000 tons of refuse alone in 2009. The campus boasts an Office of Sustainability which serves not only the University but the surrounding community to ensure a sustainable environment.  The University offers a community garden program, recycling programs, energy reduction competitions, online greenhouse gas dashboards for buildings, LEED Green Building Certifications etc.

    Visit their website to learn more.

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    Yup, USC is very committed to a sustainable campus, as the link necolepe provided clearly shows. An impressive quality of USC’s green initiatives are that they apply to a number of aspects of campus life, and at such a big university at that. For example, there’s a campus CSA, multiple recycling programs, and the campus even has green shuttle buses.

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