Is the US headed for another financial meltdown?

According to “How to Prosper in the 21st Century” By Howard Ruff, dark times are ahead. Is this true?



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    If we go by the historical cycle of economics, dark times are always ahead somewhere! That’s just the way things happen. But, of course, there is news regarding a potentially worse financial crisis, but it is not a certain prediction. A panel of economists earlier in the year warned that the financial regulation laws that are being proposed currently in Washington need to be severely “beefed up”. If the laws don’t actively prevent the high-risk, badly advised investing that got us into this mess initially, the banks might just do it again.

    Similarly, the yuan (China’s currency) is going to be reevaluated soon, which may certainly hurt the strength of the US dollar, since we owe a fair amount of money to the Chinese.

    However, we also must remember that sensationalist media sell. So of course there will be plenty of books out there claiming that we’re doomed! But for every negative book, I bet you could find one with positive predictions. And I’m not saying either one is right, but to be skeptical of what you read and see, since no one can really predict the future.

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