Upwellings in oceans…

A: support reef communities
B: occur over deep-sea hydrothermal vents
C: are responsible for ocean currents
D: bring nutrient-rich water to the surface
E: are most common in tropical waters, where they bring oxygen-rich water to the surface



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    This sounds quite a bit like a homework question, so it is best if you try to figure this one out. Here are some links that you might find helpful.



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    Upwelling in the ocean is caused by wind patterns causing surface water to move away from the coast, which then causes the water that is deeper down to move to the surface to take its place.  This deeper, colder water is nutrient rich and provides an abundance of resources for marine life.  This is why areas with regular cycles of upwelling tend have a high amount of biodiversity and high volume of marine life.  Examples are the California and Oregon coasts, Peru, and Africa. So for the multiple choice question, the answer would be D.

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