Is the University of California, Irvine a green school?



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    Yes! As an alumnus of UC Irvine, I can say with confidence that we are a green school. Many initiatives are taken on campus to ensure it operates with the environment in mind. Programs for recycling and energy conservation are sponsored by students (such as light bulb exchanges), while the campus itself has an impressive academics course for environmental sciences at the graduate level. Traditionally, there is a celebration held in conjunction with Earth Day (called Wayzgoose at the campus). Additionally, the city of Irvine itself has many green policies itself that the campus must adhere to, including a strong green-to-urban ratio that ensures a lot of well maintained parks to service the residence and help beautify the city.

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    As part of the University of California system, U.C. Irvine joined other U.C.s in establishing a Climate-Neutral Action Plan that outlines their sustainability efforts in both future projections and detailed financial resources for sustainable projects. This Plan requires each U.C. to establish carbon emission reductions by specific dates (most likely 2010, 2014, 2020, and 2050). The link below shows U.C. Irvine’s goals and accomplishments in building a more sustainable university.

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