Is a universal health care system better for the environment?



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    A very hard, arguably impossible, question to answer.  On one hand, you could argue with more people receiving treatment, there would be more resources devoted to healthcare.  On the other had, with more work done on preventative medicine, you could argue that more resource intensive treatment measures would not be required under a system with universal healthcare.  Additionally, more paperwork is often required under a privatized system with HMOs and third party insurance agencies.  So that could also be an issue.  Again, many different things to think about.

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    Universal health care would offer substantial efficiency to the health care system in general. As guyonthewing mentions, there would be less paperwork and more focus on efficient modes of access to health care. In a universal system the government would put more efforts into providing tools and resources to ensure holistic health and maintenance for all, rather than focusing on treatment. If we could all be supported by a system that worked to prevent rather than treat health problems, the cost of health care in general could be much reduced.

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