Unbelievable! The video says this is proof that they cannot govern themselves. What do you think is the solution?

Should we have a government official working at every dairy/beef farm in the country every day to make sure this stuff doesn’t happen?

I am sure this doesn’t happen everywhere as we know it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch, but its still something that should be brought to peoples attention.



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    I think the first step is for the employees of this facility to be prosecuted for violating Ohio’s animal cruelty laws and to make an example of them to the rest of the dairy/beef agriculture.  This case should be widely publicized and serve as a cautinionary tale for the rest of dairy farmers who may be doing the same activities.  If evidence is found that the animals are suffering from severe cruelty, I think that the farm should be forced to close down.

    As for an official being present at the farm everyday, I really don’t think that would be realistic.  More so, I think inspections of the farms should happen more often and perhaps these officials should be trained on how to look for evidence of any cruelty towards the animals.

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