Is ultra violet light bad for you?



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    Yes. Over-exposure to UV rays will damage your skin and eyes, and could cause sunburn or even cancer.

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    Generally speaking, you don’t have to be afraid of ultra violet rays but some measures should be taken just to be safe. UV rays help the body produce vitamin D, which helps strengthen the bones. UV is also used for therapy as well as sterilizing medical equipment. bwsf is right that over exposure is dangerous but we do need UV rays. 

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    Light is composed of particles called photons, which carry momentum and collide with whatever the light shines on.  The amount of momentum in light is inversely related to wavelength(momentum = Planck’s constant/de Broglie wavelength), meaning as wavelength decreases, momentum goes up.  Ultraviolet light has a very small wavelength, giving its particles high momentum.  When these particles collide with your skin cells, they cause damage, much like a pebble cracking your windshield on the highway.  You can imagine that a lot of pebbles would cause significant damage, possibly even breaking your windshield.  This is exactly what happens to your cells with prolonged exposure to UV light: your cells are damaged, and the sunburn is evidence of that damage.  In some cases, the UV can damage the DNA of the cell, and when such a damaged cell replicates, it can cause cancer.

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