Is typing your paper better for the environment than hand writing it?



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    Typing your paper is more environmentally friendly then hand writing it, this is because on the computer in a word document you can make tons of changes on one pager. If you had hand-written the paper you would need a new sheet for every type-o you made or change you felt needed to be made. The only means by which you can truly abuse the environment by typing your paper is if you have access to free printing and print off many copies of your paper. In the end typing your paper on the computer then hitting print results in the use of only as many pages as your paper is, however if you hand write your paper you will use many more sheets of paper to make all your changes and correct all of your errors.

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    It’s true that you generally use more paper when handwriting because of the mistakes made during the writing process; however, the best way to avoid using too much paper is to do a rough draft and then a final draft. In theory, you should only use about twice as much paper as typing and printing.  But, I’ve had many difficulties over time with paper jams, incorrect formating when it prints, etc., which leads to more paper being used; also, take into consideration all the energy and resources it takes to make a computer, computer program, cables and wires, printers, the paper and ink, and get all that stuff into your house; compare this amount to the amount it takes for handwriting, and it’s just paper and ink.  An alternative option to both is the old typewriter.

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