Type your question here…what will be the voltage output of the alternator (generator) having angular speed 2.29rad/s ?



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    A regularly functioning alternator should be producing between 13.8 and 14.8 volts

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      can you please explain your answer. does there is a relationship between angular rotation of the armature of the rotor (alternator) and output voltage? please explain your point with respect to this point.

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      I apologize for the vagueness. There is a relationship there. The greater the angular rotation, the more voltage you are going to get. I am not sure how to notate pi. But the formula is something like this 2pi rad/s=1Hz.

      This might help:

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      thank you for your replies, i have got the formula T=2pi/w, f=1/T, i am getting the frequency .but will you please tell me from where you have taken the data 13 or 14v. (what is your reference for your answer). you know the relationship in between the frequency and votage output?

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