Type your question here…What is a conservative estimate on, what percent of the nations pumpkin harvest goes to halloween?



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    Suprisingly, not many.  While in California a whopping 90% of pumpkins harvested go towards decorating for Halloween, the vast majority of the country’s pumpkin harvest is processed and canned, mostly for pie.  For most small-scale pumpkin patches, the bulk of their harvest probably does get sold as future jack o’ lanterns; but on larger pumpkin farms, such as those in central Illinois (supposed birthplace of approximately 90% of the country’s processed pumpkins), a great deal of the harvest goes directly to a nearby canning facility (a nearby factory is responsible for canning 85% of the world’s pumpkins)..

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      There are people starving around the world but rather than give them food we throw money at them. While we sit around wasting food resources like pumpkins “only for decoration” so we can have another excuse to waste money on candy to feed our already obese nation theres those that see how far you can shoot it with a cannon without it blowing up.!
      Is it me? Or does this seem wrong to anybody. Ask yourself this how many people that drive Prius or hybrid cars to help save the planet, but are to short sighted to see the people starving in it !

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