Type your question here…What are some ways that the environment affects human health?



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    A healthy balanced environment promotes healthy humans because it means there is the diversity of life that can sustain life for people. When the environment becomes imbalanced or unhealthy, naturally this makes life for humans unhealthy and imbalanced. It means that the food and water humans need to survive can be unhealthy for them to ingest. It means that nature and the habitat can be dangerous and can be a risk to humans health.

    Bascially, human life relies on the environment and therefore if the environment is unhealthy or unsustainable, this too means that human life is unhealthy and sustainable.

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    To be more specific, environmental contaminants can cause lots of problems for humans, including still births, infertility, and cancer.

    If you’re interested in learning about this, I suggest reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.

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