Type your question here…We have large holes exposing the roots of the trees with no outside dirt visible. What can be causing this?



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    It could be an indication of a sink hole developing in the area. That would explain the lack of any visible excavated soil around the holes. Usually, sink holes are created by subsurface water washing the soil away.

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      This is in the woods surrounded by leaves and no evidence of run off. I have found another around the side of my house. They apprear to be very deep and large approximately 10 to 12 irregular inches across. Thanks, keep thinking.

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      There does not need to be any surface evidence of runoff, for a sinkhole to develop. A sinkhole can develop as a result of subsurface water movement that may daylight some distance away or the result of the water table in an area losing water. If there is such a hole developing near the foundation of your house, that’s even more of a concern. Your best bet would be to get a professional out to take a looksee. If your house/property are on a slope, try checking downslope for any indication of water drainage. In any case it would be wise to find out what is causing the holes.

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      I am sorry, I should have said that this other hole is also off in the woods on level ground and our neighbors also have one and they said it was ants. ???????

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      Even ants have to deposit the soil they excavate somewhere, thus the term “ant hill”. In any case there seems to be some level of mystery surrounding the holes and the wise bet is to chase down the cause and avoid the possibility of something more serious grabbing your attention.

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