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    Grin. Insightful question! My relative has been an instructor at small colleges, and she is now encouraging some students to stop taking classes, and get jobs.

    In some ways, the US has had a very over-educated society for decades. At one point I read an article in “Time” magazine that there were more people in California who had passed the lawyer’s bar exam than … firemen and policemen put together! And … get this … the average salary for someone passing the bar … the AVERAGE salary … was less than the STARTING salary for a computer programmer!

    I.e., there are waaaaaay too many folks thinking that being a lawyer or doctor, or getting an MBA are a magic ticket to wealth, as they were in the 1950s.

    So what ARE the top jobs for the least college? Heh. Well, that depends on how smart you are, how hard you work, and maybe how much you are willing to risk.

    It’s important to realize these days — unlike 200 years ago! — there are literally 10,000s of kinds of jobs defined by the US government.

    If you are smart, or have the right connections, you should try to get a toehold into job that maybe isn’t too glamorous — but which could lead to other things — years down the road. The medical profession is very hot — for many positions. The computer field is hot, especially if you’re not trying to land one of the prestige jobs where you immediately get big stock options.

    I have relatives who are not-too-well educated, but joined the US military. The ones who went to war all got psychologically messed up. But the ones who avoided actual combat came out financially well.

    But overall, you need to assess your skills. You need to push yourself to learn what you are good at, and not turn up your nose at things that “sound dull”. My first professional job was with a big company — I couldn’t believe how awful it sounded, but someone said: “You work there, and your career is made.” (And they weren’t far wrong.) But the thing is? After a year of being shunted around between things I wasn’t suited for? They found me a niche job that nobody else wanted to do. I LOVED that work. It was FAR more interesting than anything I’d done in high school! Eventually, I became one of the company’s experts in that area.

    So push yourself to do new things and keep your mind open!

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    Technically speaking, one can be an entrepreneur with no training at all.  Some successful entrepreneurs: Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, and Oprah Winfrey.

    Even though you can be a successful entrepreneur without a college education, you still need a lot of skills.  What skills exactly depend on what type of business you want to start.

    Here are some tips for being a successful entrepreneur: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/200730

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