Type your question here…the environment which has been modified by human activities is called?

the environment which has beenmodified by humun activities is called?



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    Your question is a broad one, as there are many terms that fit under the umbrella of human-induced environmental change. Deforestation, for example, illustrates that concept that as humans cut down more trees, those ecosystems become more and more bare, decreasing the area of forests. Desertification refers to the decrease of green plant life in a given area, creating a dry, desolate landscape, much like a desert. Urbanization refers to the expansion of man’s “concrete jungles,” or the growth of human cities that can displace ecosystems. The only singular term I came across though was ‘Enviornmental Modification,’ though maybe a biology textbook has its own term. 

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    This is indeed a broad question – and maybe you’re looking for a broad answer! The term “anthropogenic” implies human activity. So an habitat that has been “anthropogenically modified” would have been altered by humans. The “anthropogenic impact” on an environment is the effect that we have inflicted on it.

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