Type your question here…is eating hot food in plastic plates harmul



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    Some plastics contain BPA which is a chemical used to “harden” the plastic, which can leach into your food and has been showen to cause ill effects in rats.There are other chemicals that are used when producing plastic that may leach into your food, although I do not think it is very dangerous. Of course, this depends on how often you use the plastic plates and whether or not you heat them up in the microwave. The more use, the more likely the chance of tiny pieces of the material to enter your food since the plastic is weaker. As you heat the plate itself, with a dishwasher or microwave, you are increasing the chances of chemicals coming out.

    Occasional use may not cause any ill effects, although I would not suggest long term usage.

    Plastic plates are also very wasterful. Consider using something more sustainable.

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