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    This is the kind of question you want to ask three places: Your neighbors, your local nursery, and a good gardening forum. The “I Dig My Garden” forum will get you in contact with a lot of helpful people, working from many perspectives. It’s a nice place to browse, too.

    For sure, you’re going to want to specify what kind of onions you’re thinking about. There’s a big difference between green and white onions! (And don’t forget to try shallots. They have a distinctive flavor, and are useful as widely as French and Thai cooking.)

    If you want amazing results with green onions, try what I did. I bought a bunch of fresh organic green onions from the store. I looked for ones that had lots of roots, and otherwise looked healthy. (Little shoots coming up between the big leaves is a good sign.) Take ’em home, stick your finger in the ground, and plant ’em 2 inches down. Leave a couple inches between plants. Carefully work the soil in from the sides, then compress gently to remove the air. Water. Shield from direct sun for three days.

    Very soon, you’ll see the onions start to grow. This can even be done in a two quart flowerpot. Now you have fresh onions any time! Also, the thing I especially like about it is that the tops are not chopped off — so I know dirt has not got to the insides.

    Cheap, easy, fun, ecological. What could be better?

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