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    The question that gets a lot of attention is: How many cars are there per person in various countries? I’ve added two URLs, the first simple, the other long detailed and interesting.

    But even looking at the first, a problem with answering this question will occur to you! It looks as if it’s possible the “average” human being may never own a car at all!

    An easier question might be: How many cars has the typical American owned? I’ve changed cars about once every 10 years, compared to other people I know, that’s low. So let’s pick 5 years for a number. And in a lifetime, an average of 60 driving years. So the answer in the USA, in the past, might be something like 12 cars / person.

    But that’s the past. Cars mechanically last far longer than they did. People used to brag about their car reaching 100,000 miles. Nowadays 200,000 isn’t considered unusual. A hefty percent of cars need to be replaced after accidents. But the US fatalaties, at least, which will be related to totaled cars, have dropped amazingly between 1920 and 2000. (See Wikipedia “Transportation safety in the United States”) 

    So it’s just guesswork how many cars a person living right now will own. Reliability goes up? Safety improves? Public transport is more widely used? The world economy tanks? The number of poor increases? The price of a common cars increases? All of those things would contribute to people owning fewer and fewer cars in the coming decades. Far fewer factors, probably. would cause an increase in the number of cars owned.

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