Type your question here…How can we teach others about the importance of water conservation?



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    I find the best way of bringing awareness of any kind is being educated on the subject yourself. How can you persuade others when you know as little as they do, right? Know all the ins and outs of water, how it is supplied, and what risks there are to a water supply. Another effective method that goes hand-in-hand with education is memorized examples of these potential dangers to state when discussing the issue with others. Always be sure to fact-check before though, because nothing ruins a point made more than wrong data. Also, if you can, make the examples as close to home as possible; by that I mean if you are speaking to individuals from Los Angeles, CA, then use examples of water shortages and contamination within range of LA County. The reason for this being is unfortunately, most people do not care about a problem until it affects them directly, so put the problem in their own backyard if possible.

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