Type your question here…Excellent aanalysis! Relative to cars, what is the cost/mile to drive a gas car (@40 MPG) with gas at $3.00/gal vs an electric car of similar design if electricity costs $0.12/KWH?



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    All things being equal cost for car and maintenance then the cost per mile for a gas bunring vehicle would be $0.075 per mile.

    The electric car would be dependent on range and charging. A normal electrical vehicle usually takes about 12-15 KWH to charge. Range for elctrical vahicles is between 50 and 200Km with 100km being typical.

    So at the most expensive scenario consider if an electric car could only get 50km and it took 15 KWH it would cost a total of $0.06/mile.

    A car that averaged 100km and took the same amount of KWH to charge would only cost $0.03/mile.

    A car that could manage 200km and took the same 15 KWH to charge would cost $0.015/mile.

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