Type your question here (required)how can i mtivate citizens to keep thier environment clean



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    One way to motivate people is by example. If you’re a leader, then lead by example and show other people to keep their environents clean. Another way to motivate people is through incentive and reinforcement. In many cases, if people receive a reward for an action, thye are more likely to repeat that action. In psychology, motivation is divided into extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Incentives would fall into the extrinsic category. Intrinsic motivation is like a student performing well in a class because of an innate desire to learn.

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    You can motivate others to be environmental by being an example. If you are surrounded by impressionable young children or other fellow adults then by recycling, throwing away trash properly and by conserving energy you teach others to do so also. By doing what’s moral and ethical for the environment you are bound to have admirers and then followers.

    A second way to encourage people to be more environmental is to know what’s going on in this world and share how pollutants are plaguing  this earth and its creatures. Learn about the Great Pacific Patch, what insecticides are doing to our bees, butterflies, humming birds and how it is affecting our health and then share that information with others. Share what you learn or know about the environment with others and express your concerns.

    Another way to motivate others to be more environmental is to plan environmental outings. Get your family and friends to contribute do beach clean ups! Beach clean ups can be fun and afterwards the whole group can reward themselves by grabbing dessert and food which makes the whole event funand fulfilling.


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