turning off a power strip for one hour saves how many pounds of carbon dioxide



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    This question needs to be reformulated in order to get a simple and direct answer.

    A “power strip” can be attached to anything … or nothing. Unplugging a power strip that isn’t attached to anything … or that isn’t attached to any device that is powered on … saves exactly nothing … no electricity, no CO2, nothing.

    There are devices loosely called “power strips” that could be more precisely called “surge protectors”, “line conditioners”, or even “uninterruptable power supplies”. (“Power strip” is really not a correct name for them, even though sometimes think of them like that.)

    These devices may consume power, even if nothing at all is attached to them. Their purpose … to stretch a point for the sake of discussion here … is to “waste electrical resources” to protect the very much more valuable electronics that are plugged into them. The amount of electricity (and CO2) that is invested in this “insurance” policy varies. The safer? The more it will tend to cost. The more watts the devices which are plugged in to the “power strip” use? The more the cost.

    Of all things to worry about in the world of pollution, expensive “power strips” are among the last. They cost relatively little, but safeguard electronics that can be worth a fortune. Stopping a $10,000 device from frying … that’s good ecology! It may not matter much that it took $30 worth of electricity to make sure that didn’t happen.

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