Turning a negative into a positive: In what ways can the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf be used to help move US energy policy away from petroleum?



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    I think it is likely that this recent catastrophy may help to keep the US out of the ANWR oil fields.  Something like this having such a devastating effect on wildlife and the local economy, the best thing that could happen is to keep our remaining wildlife reserves free from oil drilling.

    Apart from energy polic this catastrophy will likely raise oil prices, and in turn gas prices.  When prices go up at the pump, people become more interested in hybrid or all electric cars, so hopefully this will also get more individuals interested in alternative energy.

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      On the news tonight they reported that Governor Schwarzenegger removed his support for expanding oil drilling off the shore of California. He stated that, despite the incredible budget crisis, he would rather find a different way to make $100 million than risk an oil spill like the one in the gulf. Way to go Schwarzenegger.

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