Trying to find a program where you trade older tractor trailer trucks for eco friendly tractor trailer trucks/or rebates.



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    It’s important to say what country or area you are in when asking this question.

    I haven’t found many programs.  The biggest program I have found is Canada’s CTA enviroTruck initiative, which pushes for government incentives to switch to enviroTrucks.  There are other provincial government incentives, depending on the area in Canada.

    In the USA, I haven’t found any program that does exactly what you want.  However, there IS funding available.  For example, the EPA funds the Diesel Emission Reduction Program.  In other words, if you want your truck fleet to go green, there are lots of avenues you can explore for funding.  In practice, UPS recently did this when they purchased 48 new trucks that run on liquefied natural gas, reducing their emissions.  Funding for the trucks and fueling stations was supported by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Energy Department’s Clean Cities program.

    As demonstrated by the following video, it’s becoming increasingly important in today’s market to update your trucks to environmental standards.

    If you can’t afford all new trucks, there are other options.  American Greenfuels can convert your existing trucks or tractor trailers to run on oil; alternatively, any diesel engine can be run on biodiesel.

    If your tractor trailers are very old (pre-1990), they may be creating 75% of the emissions problems.  Though this may not be the best economic solution, the best environmental solution is to get them off the road entirely.  Junkyards and recyclying centers will pay you for the scrap material of your old tractor trailers.

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