Is true spring water thousands of years old?

Before it surfaces as spring water



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    Water is constantly changing by way of the water cycle. Water goes through four stages as following: Condensation, precipitation, collection, evaporation. Spring water is water that gets stuck in the soil and bedrock after precipitation. There really isn’t a way of determining the age of water that I’m aware of. I have, however, had spring water straight from the source in Harbor Springs, Michigan and it is undeniably refreshing and beautiful.

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    Ages of ground water (for relatively young ages) are determined by measuring various components. Radioactive tritium’s presence indicates water older than 1963, when above-ground nuclear testing ended in noticeable volume. This is the technique most commonly applied.

    Another dating technique measures chlorofluorocarbons in water.

    Measuring chlorine isotopes can give water age estimates as great as a million years:

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