True or False

most of the animals produced in this country are raised for producing dairy products.



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    I would say true and false to this question because animals are raised for both dairy and their meat. We get most of our dairy products from cows that also are slaughtered for beef. If you are counting eggs in this category as well, chickens provide us with those and the standard american diet includes chicken. Milk and cheese can come from goats too, but we don’t see goat meat on the shelves at every grocery store. Pigs provide us with pork, but we don’t drink pigs milk.

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    For the majority: false.

    For cows I would say true and false. Dairy cows are bred specifically for dairy their milk. This milk is used in the production of other dairy products. Other types of cows, such as Angus, Limousine, and Longhorn are bred specifically for their beef.

    Other animals are bred mainly for their meat. Pork, chicken, and fish are raised strictly for their meats. Sheep and goat are raised for both dairy and meat, but mainly for their meat.

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