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    Every type of plant is important in producing oxygen and controlling greenhouse gases.  The most important area where trees grow and produce the most oxygen is the world’s rainforests (especially in Brazil).  If you are asking about a particular species, I am not sure but I did find an interesting blog in which the Hybrid Poplar was pinpointed as a highly effective oxygen producer/carbon storer.

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    Phytoplankton are huge producers of oxygen, and are often discounted for their inocuousness. Collectively, I would say they are the most important source of oxygen.

    As far a a single organism is concerned, there is a huge stand of quaking aspen trees which are all connected via roots, and so considered to be a single gigantic plant.

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    Well, just thinking logically, the bigger the tree, the more oxygen, right? So I would say a redwood, or more generally, a tree from the subfamily sequoioideae, as a single tree, would produce the most oxygen.

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