Is traditional print bad for the environment?



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    It is not good for the enivornment because it requires the cutting down of trees, however if these trees are replanted the only real detriment to the environment is the use of ink, which could be harmfull depending on how it is produced. Additionally, traditional print can be printed on recylced paper, making it even less damaging to the environment.

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    Only if it’s being wasted.  If no one is reading it, then yes, it’s terrible for the environment.  However, if people are taking advantage of it and it is getting good use, then I don’t believe that it’s absolutely horrible for the environment.  Yet electronic sources are always better for conservation efforts.

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    Yes, using electronic versions of media is more eco-friendly than printing books, but I do not necessarily think that they are bad for the environment.  Traditional print can be shared amongst many people, and does not require extra materials to view, such as an e-reader.  I think that as long as books and other types of print are being reused or recycled, then they are fine.

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