Is Toyota keeping up with the demand for the prius?



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    While the Prius has often been in high demand it seems as if Toyota is currently able to match production with demand for the hybrid.  I could not find any definite numbers to share with you, but let me give you some empiracal evidence.  Just under a year ago my boss was going to buy a second prius for his household and he had to keep his phone on him for three straight days so he could make sure he was the first one to arrive to the dealership when the next shipment arrived so they didn’t sell it out from under him.  I just looked at the inventory of the same dealership and found they now have 58 Prius Hybrids on their lot.  I would however not be surprised that as soon as some of the recall hype blows over and gas prices trend back up if that wouldn’t dwindle to below 20 cars.

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