Is Toyota going to compete against themselves with their new Sai?



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    At the moment, the Sai is only available in Japan with no plans for it to come to the United States yet.  The Sai is a more luxurious car than the Prius, with a reported base price of $37,500 versus $22,000 for the Prius, so it will probably attract a slightly different market.  There will probably be some overlap in the consumer base, but the price points are clearly quite different.  Also, the Prius sells out every year (the 2008s aren’t available anywhere and it’s very hard or impossible to find a 2009 at a showroom) so having another hybrid will only increase sales.

    Toyota has been ahead of the game with its hybrids and having more will only help them.  But first, the Sai has to travel beyond Japan.

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