Total U.S. energy use decreased by almost 2% from 2007-2008, partially because of the economic slowdown. Is there any chance that this trend continues, even as the economy picks up again?



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    There’s no way to be able to answer that question for sure, but if people are adjusting their lifestyles so as to use less energy, they may decide that there’s no reason to return to their previous energy usage once the economy improves, instead choosing to reap the extra savings in addition to their restored income.

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    In terms of petroleum products, following a decline in 2008-09, US gasoline consumption in August 2010 exceeded the 2007 average (9.366 million barrels per day in Aug 2010 vs 9.286 million b/d for 2007). The overall total consumption of petroleum remains down about a million barrels a day (19.692 million b/d in Aug. 2010 vs 20.692 for 2007) but the US car driver is returning to the consumption of pre-recession days. Most of the decline in total use is in diesel fuel and jet fuel.

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