top reasons to be concerned about endocrine disruptors



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    Endocrine disruptors may interfere with the body’s endocrine system, negatively affecting reproductive, developmental, and neurogical processes in both humans and wildlife. These are reasons enough to be concerned about endocrine disruptors. They may affect functioning as we know it!

    A great example at the negative affects of endocrine disruptors in wildlife is an incident in 1992 where there was a declining alligator population at Lake Apopka, Florida due to reproductive problems caused by a huge organochlorine pesticide spill that occurred several years earlier. This caused the male alligators to have tinier than normal penises which affected reproductive success within the population. This sounds like a crazy story, but it is a true one.

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    Endocrine disruptors are very dangerous when absorbed and can lead to serious health problems.  They either copy or disrupt hormones, which causes certain functions to stop or be overly stimulated.  DDT is an example of such a chemical and was banned in the US because it decimated the bald eagle population by causing the egg shells to become brittle.

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