Is a top loading energy star washer more or less efficient than a front loading energy star washer?



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    A top loading washer, even if it is energy star is less efficient than a front loading washer. There are several ways in which a front loading machine is better than a top loading. 

    1. Efficiency:

    • Top loading machines need enough water to cover all of the clothes. Front loading machines use a third of that amount. 
    • Front loading machines use gravity to help churn the clothes, i.e. when the clothes are at the top of the drum, gravity drops them back down, so the machine really only has to do half the turn itself.
    • Top loading machines drain and then fill up again to rinse clothes. Front loaders only spray clothes as they rotate, using less water. 
    • Front loaders hold more clothes because there is no agitator. 
    • Front loaders spin faster, so they squeeze more water out of clothes, which means less time drying. 

    2. Space

    • Full size front loaders can be stacked with a dryer. Top loaders obviously can’t, unless you get a smaller apartment sized unit. So with front loaders, you can stack them and save space without compromising load size. 

    3. Clothes last longer

    • Agitators are tough on clothes. No agitator in a front loader means your clothes will live longer. 


    Potential negatives:

    • Front loaders cost more initially. But when you factor in how much you will save in energy costs, it is worth it. 
    • Most front loaders require HE detergent. 
    • In front loaders, you can’t add clothes after you have started the cycle. The door locks. 
    • Some people have a hard time bending and kneeling to use a front loader. 


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